Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Are you ready to make your girl the happiest girl in the world? Then come to Cornelis Hollander, an award-winning jewelry designer, to choose her engagement ring! We have a large selection of unique, modern, and quality engagement rings. You can choose from wide range of diamonds, metals and styles. We know that choosing the perfect ring can be stressful, so Cornelis and his staff will walk you through the whole process and will help you to make the best decision for you and for your partner. They can explain the differences between all the cuts, shapes, and carats. Whether you come in alone or bring your sweetheart, we will make sure that the whole experience is smooth and stress-free. Cornelis Hollander and his staff are very knowledgeable and share years of experience, so you will be guided to make the most informed decision. Make an appointment today! Give us a call at 480-423-500.

Custom Designs

Cornelis Hollander prides himself in designing all of his jewelry himself and his area of expertise is custom designs. Handcrafted diamond rings and engagement rings are his specialty. Cornelis has custom designed numerous of beautiful one of a kind jewelry for his customers, and you can be one of them too!

If you want to express yourself by wearing a one of a kind piece that you helped design, Cornelis Hollander can help! Custom designed jewelry can show off your taste, passion and your lifestyle. It will also give you the unique pleasure of creating and owning a singular piece of jewelry that will become a part of you and your family.

Cornelis welcomes your own ideas, desires and emotions you will bring to this process. You will also be part of the manufacturing process where you will be able to inspect the piece in each and every step. All of the work is done on his premises. Cornelis Hollander is proud to be in business since 1981, serving jewelry stores all over the US, Canada, Caribbean and Japan. Now his entire collection is available at his store in the Scottsdale Art Gallery District, serving jewelry lovers in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe.

Men's Wedding Bands

Let’s not forget about the men! Why settle for a standard wedding band when you can have one of Cornelis Hollander originals? Cornelis understands that men want to express themselves with a unique and stylish wedding band, too. We have a large variety of wedding bands for you to choose from. From classic styles to contemporary, from white gold to yellow gold to combinations, we guarantee we have something for you! Cornelis Hollander has beautiful bands with cut-out designs, rings with ridges and creative textures. All of the rings from this award winning jeweler are absolutely beautiful; you can’t go wrong with any of them. Come into our Scottsdale store today and we can help you choose a band that best reflexes your personality.

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